Win Your First Bets

The website is dedicated too bettors and promises to help you win online betting. It was created by people who like betting themselves but onlike many others, they also want others to win. The site states that gambling is one of the best ways to earn easily but can also be dangerous and is becoming more and more difficult.

There is a list of bookmakers considered to be the best, each one with rating, a review and promo code. Each review includes user experience, betting options (what you can bet on), software for in-play betting, bonuses, support and options of deposit and withdrawal. Now that there are so much providers and Internet makes it easy to choose regardless of where you live, it is a good idea to compare offers.

They also share tips, for instance, you can read there that prices tend to be better in countries where the competition you want to bet on is not very popular. Reading previous statistics, as experienced bettores must know, is important. You can also benefit from bookmakers’ mistakes; those are more common with less known sports and other things to bet on. Of course, you have to know enough yourself.

Maybe one of the most important things about gambling or other risky investments is to only bet amounts that will not leave you bankrupt if you lose them. Most online bookmakers give you bonus and it is highly recommended to use it. Bonuses come in different forms: sometimes bookmakers will multipy your first deposit or the amount you put into you first bet up to a certain limit, others will just give you an allowance when you join no matter how much you put into your account if at all or refund your first loss. Bettors on the site advise to decide how much you will bet each week. One bet should not be more than one tenth of the whole sum assigned for that.

Betting under legal structure can be fun

Betting is a cognizable offence in practically all countries of the world. Still there are some pockets where bets can be legally placed. One such place is the casinos which thrive in places like Las Vegas etc. There are people who come to these places for enjoyment. This being an addictive sport, many of them get addicted. This is the first step towards ruination. The Wettanbieter is the only person who makes a living out of these sports no matter who wins. The laws of nature are funny. It has been invariably seen that the occasional gambler tastes considerable success the first couple of times he gambles. This makes him crave for more and thus gets involved in more betting. The laws of the game are such that you lose more often than you win. The odds on losing a bet is always much higher than winning it.


The losing trend continues and one gets sucked up into the vortex. The bookie is the person who takes advantage of such situations and incites a person to gamble more so that he can earn more and recover his lost money. History is witness to the fact that very few people have succeeded in gambling without resorting to illegal means. The common man loses everything from money, position, pride as well as his relationships. In fact invariably he ends up a pauper on all fronts. You might wonder as to how the bookie earns while everyone else loses. This is because the bookie is the one who collects the bets on behalf of the people and places them. He does not invest a single cent and hence does not lose any money at all. His earnings are through commission which he gets no matter who wins or loses. This makes him a winner on all counts.