OSHA Site Safety and Tower Construction

Consider all the cellular towers which are being built all over the country. Cellular phone networks are based on these monolithic towers capable of transmitting communication traffic at incredible speeds. Somebody has to build these towers and it is a dangerous task. So, osha site safety is of primary importance for avoiding falls, ensuring that established construction is secure, workers are properly trained to handle the jobs they must handle.

osha site safety

There are tremendous dangers on tower construction sites. Electrical hazards are of primary concern since there is a great deal of electrical current going into these towers. OSHA trains personnel to inspect all of these sites and enforce the laws and regulations which help to minimize injuries and fatalities, which still happen.

Before the 1980 era, there was no complex microwave cellular tower construction. Radio towers had to be built, but these are less complex than internet towers. Now, such projects involve computer engineers, electrical engineers, civil engineers, OSHA safety enforcement specialists, Physicists, architects, and hundreds of workers who build these towers from the ground up to the sky as their daily jobs.

There is potential for falling objects, tower collapse from structure flaws or design flaws, inclement weather and ice conditions, failure of vital safety and construction equipment, long distance falls, and many more nasty possibilities workers can face in this line of work. These are serious professionals and they don’t have time to cover all of the safety details without some help. This is where OSHA comes in and saves the situation.

Well-trained Occupational Safety Hazard Association representatives will regularly perform inspections on all such construction sites for enforcement of site safety. This is a blessing, but it takes a great deal of work and attention to make sure we have the structures for technological development in place and safely operating.