DJs can actually get great monitor headphones under $100

When DJs and musicians are looking for quality headphones, they typically look for features that are different from those the casual listener may look for. The latter typically prefers headphones that enhance the quality of the sound experience, making music sound its best. Music professionals on the other hand, often prefer sound quality that is unenhanced, so that they can have the best experience of what the raw sound is when mixing music.

While headphones can be incredibly expensive, it is actually possible to find great monitor headphones under $100 without sacrificing either sound quality or comfort. Depending on your needs and preferred style, there is a lower price option available for your budget.

The AKG K240 Semi-Open Studio Headphones are one of the top low-cost products available, and are positively reviewed on sites like Headphones 100. AKG is a long respected brand in the industry, and their products are found in many of the top studios around the world.

This model has superior sound quality through its accurate bass and sensitivity between 15Hz and 24kHz. It makes sure that you get the full effect of your sound without artificial enhancements that distort the raw sound. The plugs are gold plated at each end, which makes sure your sound is transmitted clearly.

Furthermore, these headphones are substantial in size, but are also very light. This gives users both the substance and design of a more expensive headband while weighing less than 9 ounces. Their design is semi-open, which gives you the sound quality of a closed design and the comfort of an open one. This ensures that users are comfortable even after wearing them for long periods of time, and is very effective on cutting down on the sweat that can result from other types of headphones.